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Teeth Whitening Kit || U-Smile

Teeth Whitening Kit || U-Smile

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Opt for White, Yellow doesn't Suit You

Your Radiant Smile, Your Confidence Regained

Imagine meeting two people on the street: one with perfectly white teeth that offers you a radiant smile and wishes you a beautiful day. Even if you are in a bad mood, this gesture can soften your day.

Now, imagine the second person with a smile, but very yellow teeth. Instantly, your attention focuses on the color of her teeth, and you may even forget that she wished you a pleasant day. You might think that she does not take care of her oral hygiene. Now, transpose yourself in the place of this person, not very pleasant, right? No one wants to be the one who spoils the smiles of others.

Why do our teeth turn yellet?

With age, teeth tend to turn yellow. After each meal, saliva mixes with the bacteria in the mouth, forming plaques around the base of the tooth. These plaques mineralize over time, giving the teeth a yellow hue. Even if we brush our teeth twice a day, the plaques persist.

There are solutions such as teeth whitening at dentists, but they are expensive. Toothpastes that promise results in a few weeks are rarely effective.


Introducing... our Blue LED Light Dental Whitening Kit.

This revolutionary kit is composed of a whitening gel using cold and blue light technology, similar to that used by dentists.

Characteristics of the Kit

  •  10 professional-quality bleaching gel syringes
  • LED light device for increased efficiency
  • Advanced technology for optimal results.


No Side Effects

Our kit uses a reduced version of professional dental LED technology. No uncomfortable enlargement of the mouth, no side effects. This kit will treat both sides of the teeth.

Easy to use

Apply the whitening gel to your teeth, activate the LED light for 30 minutes a day on your gums. The result? A dazzling smile worthy of movie stars.

Our Promise

With our detailed self-help manual, you will not encounter any difficulty in use. It's time to choose: keep hiding your smile or regain self-confidence.

We are here to accompany you in this process. Choose a radiant and confident smile today.


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